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Property Map

To our regular wheelers, our map is under construction and so is our camping area. For a sneak peek take a look below at the descriptions.


This two bedroom round cottage offers a twin and double bed per room, along with double pull out cou...

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Rooms range from bunk beds, single queen, 2 queen with kitchenettes and single queen with kitchens. ...

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RV Rentals

We offer 2 RV's for those that want the unique experience of camping but don't have the bumper space...

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Accessed by off-road vehicle about .5 km into our trail system you will find 4 wooden bunkies in Ray...

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30 Amp with Sewer Camping

30S-1, 30S-2 on the map These are our 2 largest sites that can accommodate those that brought mor...

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30 Amp Large Trailer Camping

30-1 through 30-6 on the map Ray's place isn't limited to our own accommodations. Bring your own...

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RV Overflow

R-1 through R-9 on the map For those that aren't able to get a 30 amp campsite, find your spot in...

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15 Amp Tent / Trailer Camping

15-1 through 15-13 on the map These spacious and shaded campsites are in the lower section of our...

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Tent -18' Trailer Camping

T-1 through T-4 on the map Here you will find non power sites that are still part of the action b...

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Tent-10' Trailer Camping

W-1 through W-15 on the map Whether you'd like to sleep under the stars in your own hammock ( or ...

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Cancellation Policy

Your Spot. Guaranteed.

Your reservation is guaranteed after we have receive your deposit. You may cancel within one month of your booking to recieve your deposit back. You have 7 days prior to your stay to cancel or you will be charged one night's fee. You will receive a confirmation email with more details after you book.