Commonly Asked


Ask us anything.

except questions
about wheels & lift

Rules to follow


EVERYONE must sign the waiver upon arrival:  if later than 11pm please call and let us know.

Helmets must be worn at all times.


NO SPEEDING through the campground and motel area of the property.

NO FIREWORKS at any time.

NO SUBWOOFERS at ANY time. We love our music and you should too but not everyone has to hear that bass. 



ABSOLUTELY NO DRIVING in any of the ponds around our campground or on any grassy areas that clearly don't have tire tracks. You have an entire trail system to play around in.

This is also our home, we have very young kids so we ask that you refrain from knocking on the front door of our house unless an emergency. Please ring bell at office or call number on the door. 

How is garbage and recycling handled here?

Firstly, do not mix recycables (paper, plastic, cans, bottles) with garbage. Blue boxes are provided in the rooms to house recycling, along with clear bags (which are required here in Minden) that are available in the office for you to use. FOR FREE! SO USE THEM!

When and what is 'quiet hour'?

Be respectful to those around you. Quiet hour is by definition, the hour where all loud activities must end. As of 2020, the start and end times have moved to 24 hours by the municipality, and failure to comply will result in consequences. This includes but is not limited to, music playing through speakers at a high volume and driving your off-road-vehicle throughout the accommodations areas of the property. Use your head.

Minden Off-Road is pet friendly, however there are some rules which are enforced throughout the property:

  1. Pets must be leashed at all times when not in the room, regardless of how friendly and trained. 
  2. No pets are allowed on any of the furniture on the property.
  3. All pets must be caged if not taken with you while riding. This is to ensure no damage occurs to the rooms while you're out. Any damages will be the responsibility of the owner and charges will apply.
  4. Always "poop and scoop" after your pet. There is a garbage bin at the edge of the property that you may use for it, please donnot leave in room.


Tracks, tires or skis; all are welcome to attempt our trails! 

They aren't for the faint of heart, some vehicles may occur body damage, some don't. 

The trails change daily and are groomed regularly.

There is zero tolerance for the cutting of any trees on trail system or campground. Our trails were made professionally which includes the placement of trees, removal of these trees will damage the trail system. On the same note, please donnot make your own trail, stay on marked trails.

Not recommended for dirt bikes due to the terrain and 4X4 use but you are more than welcome to give 'er a try!


PLEASE NOTE: Surrounding trails are open from May 1- Novmber 31 to ATV's, SxS's and Jeeps.

Minden Off-Road Park is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and forests, whether you're looking to find SXS, ATV or Jeep trails, Minden, Bobcaygeon and Kinmount have what you're looking for.

Join the OF4WD or off-road related facebook groups for Ontario's list of off-road trails for vehicles. 

Buy a map book from us at the office or directly on the HATVA website. 

What's available at the office?

Wood for purchase and pick-up from 9AM to 8PM

$8/bag or $15 x 2 bags.

Any requests for wood after 8PM will not be fufilled. We do not deliver firewood.

Ice is also available for $4 a bag .

We sell Halibuton ATV passes and map books for the area. An average $20-$30/machine for a weekend.


We know, we wish we had better Wifi, but we don't. If you need to check an email or something you can around the office or Timmies in town.

Check-In and Check-Out?

On your check-in day, you may arrive at the property anytime but we cannot garantee your room/site will be ready until 3pm.

Gonna arrive later than 11pm? Give us a call on the day of your arrival to let us know! 

Late check-out? Talk to us the day before your departure and we will check the schedule, FOR FREE! You are always welcome to stay the rest of the day to wheel but may just have to vacate your site or room depending on bookings.


Yes, ALL of our rooms have washrooms and AC! 

Please view the Accommodations and Attractions tab to see more.


We are not by the phone 24/7 so please leave a message or email us with your phone number or question.

There are only 2 of us responding to all emails, voicemails, and messages so we ask that you please be patient with our response (especially during busy season). 

Emergency Response Policy

In the event of an emergency (wildfire, flooding, etc), please notify the leader of your group and the owner of Minden Off-Road immediately. Furthermore, call 911 first where appropriate!

Do not block any roadways on the property, to ensure emergency vehicles can access the area when needed.

In the case of power failure, flooding or gaseous odour, notify the owner immediately. In the event that owner is unreachable, please contact other Minden Off-Road staff. Describe and identify the location of the problem.